• Zing Telecom Inc. is a quality supplier of telecommunications services in the DFW area.
  • Zing Telecom Inc. is committed to building a long-term relationship with its clients regardless of their size.
  • Zing Telecom Inc. staff have performed large new installation projects, as well as various renovation projects, including instances where the client has not only changed locations but has also migrated to new cable plant media.

Closet Design Neat, Tidy and OrganizedTechnology Solutions Services Include

  • Managing and performing all voice, data, video, and paging moves, adds, and changes (MAC).
  • Designing and installing new copper and fiber horizontal facilities required for workstations or in the cabling backbone infrastructure.
  • Consulting with the client’s wide area network (WAN) and local area network (LAN) teams.
  • Evaluating client requirements.
  • Interfacing with telecommunications service (such as AT&T) and equipment (such as Cisco) providers.
  • Provides accurate and prompt documentation.
  • Performs, as requested, other telecommunications related services.

Networking Closet DetailEqually important as the first deliverable of  “on time”  and “on budget”, is the last deliverable of the project documentation.

Design Documents : Project Records : CAD – “As-Built” : Warranties & Certifications

Zing Telecom Inc. can help you manage day to day operations and meet the growing demands of mobile professionals through various documentation deliverables. We know the key to providing uninterrupted service to mission-critical data processing operations is documentation. Zing Telecom Inc. consults with you to develop documentation designed for your data center, computer room, or wire closet.