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appreciate all the hard work

Aug 04, 2020 by Brian Graham

Hi Martin,

I’m not sure if I sent an email to you about WH25 or not. We had a meeting a few weeks ago with the local IT staff and they really liked everything Al and Tony did during the cabling project. I wanted to say that we (network team) appreciate all the hard work that Al and Tony do for us and they did an outstanding job on that project.


Brian Graham | Sr. Network Engineer
2727 Chemsearch Blvd. Irving, TX 75062 | 3rd Floor - South
Self Service Website http://helpdesk.nch.com

proven to be punctual, reliable, and provide quality work

Aug 04, 2020 by Cory Davis

MNM GroupTo Whom It May Concern,

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Zing Telecom for the past two years on a large national project. They have proven to be punctual, reliable, and provide quality work on a regular basis. Over the past two years, they have completed over 30 new stores for my customer, Charter Spectrum. I highly recommend their services.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions.

Thank you,
Cory Davis
National Project Manager
The MNM Group, Inc.

Oustanding Results

Aug 04, 2020 by Jim Thayer

Liberty Mutual Insurance
Zing Telecom Inc. produced outstanding results in our recent office relocation. They coordinated their work extremely well and did it in a very professional manner. Their work was on time, on budget and of a very high quality.
Keith Kasten
Liberty Mutual Insurance

I don't know whose Pete boss is, but Pete did an outstanding job!!! His customer service skills were fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim Thayer
Area Claims Manager - National Market


Jun 22, 2009 by Terrye Mays

Hall Office Park
To Whom It May Concern:

Zing's Telecom team has helped our numerous tenants with their data/cabling needs in
Hall Office Park for several years. It does not matter how large or small the project the
attention to the needs of the businesses is the focus.
I have used them in numerous instances to ready a suite for a tenant or to help a new
tenant get set up even on a short time line they manage to work it in their schedule and
meet the needs of all involved.
I appreciate the efforts Martin and his team goes to; often on short notice to work
quickly, efficiently, economically and neatly. I can always count on them.
Terrye Mays
Terrye Mays
Construction Coordinator

Positive Relationship with Zing.

Nov 21, 2008 by Mark Demas

Sterling Commerce An ATT&T CompanyNovember 21, 2008
To: Martin Dempsey, Zing Telecom Inc.
2916 Daniel Ave Dallas, Texas 75205
Dear Martin,
I wanted to let you know that Sterling Commerce appreciates the service we get from your organization. Sterling Commerce and Zing have a long history together and we value the quality service Zing provides at a competitive price. I would recommend Zing to other businesses without hesitation.
My Dallas support team says that Zing representatives continue to be a pleasure with whom to work, especially their flexibility in meeting our needs and attention to detail. We use Zing for cable installation and repair, component installation, and asset inventory work. Joe Bruno and Martin are professional, working more like part of our team versus a vendor providing service. One of their best qualities is their ability to work efficiently in each of our diverse environments; from the data center to the wiring closets to the professional interaction with our end users, when required.

I look forward to a continued positive relationship with Zing.
Mark Demas
Mark Demas
Director, IT Support Services
Sterling Commerce
750 W. John Carpenter Freeway
Irving, Texas 75039

Very responsive with project planning,

Oct 16, 2008 by Lee Daniel

Atrium windows & DoorsOctober 16, 2008

To Whom It May Concern,
Atrium Companies, Inc. has had a professional relationship with Zing Telecom for more than five years. They have delivered affordable execution for numerous projects encompassing multiple Atrium Divisions. Zing Telecom has exceeded expectations and been very responsive with project planning, kickoff, and communication to Atrium. The quality of completed work has been outstanding.
Atrium Companies, Inc. will continue to use Zing Telecom for various communication needs in the future.
Lee Daniel
Information Technology
Atrium Companies, Inc.

Office: 9001 Ambassador Row. Dallas, Texas • Mail: P.O. Box 226957, Dallas, Texas 75222-6957
(214) 637-2696 or (800) 938-1000· Fax (214) 424-6730 or (800) 929-5330

True partnership

Nov 18, 2004 by Clint Malveaux

Levi Strauss"There are many certified cabling contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. What has endeared us to the professionals at Zing Telecom has been the true partnership Zing's staff forms with you in helping you implement a project. They take the time to understand the project's life cycle, which helps in the long run in adapting along with the network engineer to the new requirements that inevitably crop up along the way. This understanding of the big picture is the value add we feel Zing supplies."
Clint Malveaux
Levi Strauss Global Network Engineering

Zing Telecom , USA 5.0 5.0 7 7 NCH
Hi Martin,