About Us

We were founded in 2002 and we are a service oriented telecommunications services provider that is based in DFW. Our key employees have been working in the Telecommunications field through the 80s and 90’s and bring a wealth of technical and project management expertise to any installation and client.

Our President, Lynne Richardson understands that regardless of the highly technical nature of Telecommunications, it is the relationships between people that determine the success of a project or organization. We are committed to building a long-term relationship with its clients regardless of their size.

Mission Statement:

“By assessing needs, implementing solutions, measuring results, and unifying them into a seamless process, Zing Telecom Inc. offers its clients a unique value proposition. Zing Telecom Inc. implements projects with maximum efficiency to ensure minimum client involvement in activities unrelated to their core business.The net result, a positive installation experience and a telecommunications cabling infrastructure that exceeds customer expectations”


Codes & Standards

Neatness at its finestZing Telecom Inc.’s work complies with applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, codes, ordinances, and regulations regarding installation of low-voltage cable.

All work conforms to the latest edition of the National Electric Code, and the latest TIA/EIA standards. Methodologies outlined in the latest edition of the BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Methods manual shall also be used during all installation activities.

Zing Telecom Inc. complies with the regulations set forth by Federal, State, and local laws, rules, codes, ordinances concerning OSHA and all applicable state labor laws, regulations and standards.



Zing Telecom Inc. will meet the clients bonding requirements.


Zing Telecom Inc. will provide proof of insurance and meet client insurance requirements as requested.


Zing Telecom Inc. is acutely aware of the necessity of maintaining a secure workplace. Zing Telecom Inc. will comply with all Client security requirements, regulations and procedures.